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5th  Iran Automotive Industry International Conference

Competitive Supply Chain(Raw Materials, Parts Manufacturing and Logistics) 13-14 Feb.2018-Milad Tower Conference Hall
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Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran as the first and greatest developmental organization in the country , holds The 5th  Iran Automotive Industry International Conference on ‘Competitive Supply Chain: Raw Materials, Parts Manufacturing and Logistics on February  13th and 14th , 2018 in Tehran.  

Conference Objective:

  • Iran’s Automotive Industry has taken a long-lasting step toward globalization over the past two years, with new investments in joint venture with credible global automakers and designing of new platforms. The accompaniment of local supply chain (from the production of raw materials to designing and manufacturing of the parts and components in the country) with automakers is a prerequisite to success path. The conference of this year addresses the  supply chain development solutions for competitiveness at global level.
  • It is hoped that all academic and industrial professors and scholars, organizations, companies and private and public sector with valuable ideas, researches and experiences in this field will present their content in the form of lectures, workshops, business meetings and plant visits in this conference.
  • A summary of all approved papers will be published in conference booklet. All the articles will also be made available through the conference’s website as well as the Civilica site.
  • The results of the conference will be presented to the government officials and decision-makers as suggested solutions.

Description of the title (Competitive Supply Chain):

  • The supply chain consists of the entire chain beginning with the production and procurement of raw material to the production of parts, assembly of components and the logistics procedures to the automaker.
  • Competitive supply chain is a chain that can compete with foreign competitors in the country and target markets in a balanced situation.

Meeting Time:

February 13th -14th, .2018

Conference Venue:

Milad Tower, Hemmat Highway, Tehran, Iran


– With an annual production of more than 1.7 million vehicles, an annual production plan of 3 million vehicles for up to eight years having, a large domestic market and accessing to large regional markets, the high potential for the modernization/replacement of worn passenger and commercial vehicles of the country, Iran’s Automotive industry is now looking for a jump in technology and production therefore, Iran’s automotive industry will be one of the most attractive investment opportunities in upcoming years.

– Regardless of your background in various fields of automotive industry, the IAIIC provides you with an opportunity to expand your business in the growing industry of Iran and the region market. This year’s event focuses on the supply chain, and provides the opportunity to assess and analyze the current and future conditions in research, design and production of raw materials, part manufacturing, and logistics technologies.

– During the event, you will have the presence of decision makers and industry professionals, and will interact with potential partners and customers. At the end, you will be able to present your achievements and experiences to key players in the Iranian car market.