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5th  Iran Automotive Industry International Conference

Competitive Supply Chain(Raw Materials, Parts Manufacturing and Logistics) 13-14 Feb.2018-Milad Tower Conference Hall
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Speaker of the conference
To create the capacity to produce 2 million vehicles per annum, and considering the target per the year 2025 to reach production of 3 million vehicles per year, and to export 6 billion dollars parts manufactured per year, necessitates serious attention to be paid to the infrastructure of this industry, namely the supply chain and its value. Auto parts manufacturing industry of Iran has evolved in relation to the development of the car manufacturing, and has created over 2000 parts manufacturing shops which have caused considerable employment. The 5th IAIIC is going to facilitate the path to connect local part manufacturing units to the International supply chain through presenting scientific achievements, and successful experiences, mainly focusing through key issues such as: - The role of the material & parts manufacturing units in design and development of products. - Catching up with recent technologies. - Improving the structure and infrastructure of parts manufacturing industries. - Improving & developing the relation between parts manufacturing units & the car manufactures. - To upgrade the level of competitiveness & collaboration amongst the International and Iranian car industries. - Financial and economic models in development and excellence of supply chain.

Behzad Etemadi

Head of the conference

The speech of the executive secretary of the conference
The words of the Secretary of the executive Committee The 5th Iran Automotive Industry International conference (IAIIC) is a place for displaying and praising of Automobile. Automobile and automobile manufacturing, is the utmost manifestation of art in industry. Today's automotive industry in the world bring the dreams of flying and new technologies to the mind and by going through the path of managing customer satisfaction human's desires in trade arena will be fulfilled. The 5th IAIIC focuses on supply chain in automobile industry. This year we emphasize on scientific aspects of automobile industry and the experienced and knowledgeable people all around the world will be invited and we hope that this event become a fruitful one by help of local industrial centers. Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO)will hold the conference with the aim of upgrading parts manufacturing industry and promoting supply chain process by the cooperation of all its permanent partners such as IranKhodro, Saipa, Bahman groups, Kerman Khodro, Modiran Khodro, Ramak Khodro and different assemblies specially parts manufacturing assembly, which plays the main role in this event and above all, Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade. Knowledge enhancement and dignity of our guests will be achieved by a comprehensive plan and desirable performance.

Mojtaba Nazari

Executive Secretary of the Conference

The speech of the scientific secretary of the conference
Today, the automotive industry of this country is on the verge of a fundamental change. This transformation was initiated due to the evolution of the market. By choosing ways to participate and invest in design of new products by the large automakers, however, the industry actually enters the era, which requires structural changes. In particular, the evolution of the supply chain is essential. The supply chain that currently includes large manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials and related logistics infrastructures, has a traditional structure which is inadequate for a competitive automobile production at the new conditions. The traditional supply chain structure, which has grown steadily over the past years, is not adequate to support this sharp automotive industry move. Scattered moves in supply chain cannot prepare this network to meet the industry needs. A united movement at the industry, economy, and even country politics level is needed in order to provide the industry with a world-class competitive capability. This conference is a valuable venue for imparting the opinions of intellectuals, researchers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and managers of private and public sectors, aiming at providing a solution for designing the path to this great development in the supply network, automotive industry and improving the necessary platforms in the country.

Amirhasan Kakaee

Scientific Secretary of the Conference

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