4th   Iran Automotive Industry International Conference

“Sales & Aftersales”

Conference: 12 – 13 February 2017

Exhibition: 12 – 13 February 2017

Milad Tower International Conference Center, Tehran, Iran

4th Iran Automotive
Industry International

"Sales & Aftersales"


At the Heart of Iran's Growing Economy


Secretary general’s message

Iranian Automotive Industry has been the main focus and the subject of interest in various debates and economic analyses, while at the same time, the evolutions of this industry has always been scrutinized by the public. In addition, the industry’s important role of development has been the main reason for organization of the last three symposiums which is named “Automotive Industry” with various topics and concerns. The first symposium mainly focused on introducing automotive industry, the second conference introduced Iranian Automotive Industry strategies and the third conference emphasized on competitiveness and international cooperation.

Despite all the constraints caused by intensified sanctions in the recent years, not only Iranian Automotive Industry survived, but also production capacity increased. In the meantime, Iran nuclear negotiation team with full support of our great nation and its unexampled efforts have reached to an agreement which provided a rare opportunity for this major national industry to surge. Therefore, last year for the Automotive Industry was somehow different, managers in this industry within the new situation after the nuclear deal, had more powerful position in their negotiations with their foreign counterparts and also had more choices when it comes to choosing a partner.

We have learned that customer satisfaction comes only if there is competitive environment. An environment which is concerned about quality, pricing and aftersales services. Hence organizers of the “Fourth Iranian Automotive Industry International Conference” have chosen “Sales & Aftersales” as the main subject of the conference hoping for great interaction and cooperation in this area.

As General Secretary of the Conference, I believe that in near future our Automotive Industry will get an experience of huge transformation in intelligent sales, aftersales practice, Iranian and imported brands with better and unique services which will increase competitiveness of the Automotive Industry. I’m hopeful that this conference could provide an environment which would help developing and empowering sales and aftersales processes in domestic and foreign export markets.


ساسان قربانی

Sasan  Ghorbani 

Secretary General 


More than 45 speakers
More than 1600 local and international participants
More than 500 minutes of networking
More than 18 workshops

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Key Persons


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About the conference

With more than 1.3 million cars produced a year and with massive opportunities to renovate/replace the aging fleet of passenger and commercial vehicles, Iran is considered one of the best automotive markets for the coming years and perhaps even decades. Regardless of the sub-sector that you cater to in the auto industry, IAIIC gives you the opportunity to develop business and/or expand in the ever-growing Iranian market. The event gives you the chance to assess current conditions and opportunities in sales and after-market areas, where Iran needs to catch-up with services in order to fill the gap between production and customer-oriented sales and after-sales services. You will hear from top industry decision makers and insiders and interact with your peers and counterparts in Iran. Finally, you will be able to demonstrate your achievements and offering to key players in Iran’s automotive markets.

Main Themes & Attendees


The role and share of after-sales services in brand image
Value chain of sales and after-sales services
Customer Satisfaction through sales and after-sales services
The impact of the Government and regulations on sales and after-sales services
Patterns and successful international strategies in sales and after-sales services
The economics of sales and after-sales services

- Car Producers

- Independent Parts Suppliers

- Equipment Producers

- Associations

- Solution Providers

- Service Providers

Conference Calendar

12 – 13 February  2017

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12 – 13 February  2017

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December 9 Abstract submission deadline

December 10 Abstracts Contest day

January 4 Paper submission final deadline

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